Working in conjunction with your other tax and estate planning professionals, I help you work towards the following:

Creating and Growing Wealth:

Examining the appropriateness of investments, adequacy of life insurance, and the need to minimize income tax related to investment.


Protecting and Preserving Wealth:

Examining the overall investment portfolio, including asset allocation management and diversification of investments;

Analyzing the client's overall insurance plan for adequacy, appropriateness, and cost effectiveness; 

Identifying client tax sensitivity.


Tax-Advantaged Lifetime Distribution of Wealth:

Examining qualified retirement plans for investment and distribution issues that arise during and after the client's lifetime;

Examining corporate executive stock options for investment concentration, transferability, and tax issues;

Providing business succession planning;

Determining who should serve as Durable Power of Attorney and/or Successor Trustee, and other continuity issues;

Examining tax efficiency and control issues related to Charitable Gifting.


Tax-Advantaged Distribution of Wealth at Death:

Review titling of assets, the role of Executor and/or Trustee, the control and tax-efficiency of wealth distribution to Spouse and Descendents;

The control and tax-efficiency of Charitable distributions at death.